5 Ways to Harness Your Intuitive Intelligence

5 Ways to Harness Your Intuitive Intelligence

5 Ways to Harness Your Intuitive Intelligence

Everyone is born with intuitive intelligence. Most of us unfortunately, have let life get in the way of utilizing and trusting our intuition. We are so busy with work, and children, and our careers that we have forgotten how to listen to our own inner guidance. How many times have you said to yourself, “I just knew that would happen, but I didn’t listen, and now look where I am!”

If you would love to never hear those words again, then read through the following useful and practical tips that you can use everyday, to help turn on the tap of your intuition.

1) Fear or Love?

When you have a choice or a decision to make in your life, regarding anything at all, ask yourself first, “Am I in a space of fear or am I in a space of love?” Simply put, are your choices made because you are afraid of missing out, losing something or not getting what you want, or are you making choices with an inner sense of calm, trust, and possibility that regardless of the outcome, it will work out exactly as it is supposed to?

2) Inside or Outside?

Where are the answers coming from? Is the guidance that you are receiving in your life coming from outside of yourself, through well meaning friends, family, work colleagues, society or the media? If yes, then this will always contain an agenda, even if it’s other people simply wanting you to be “happy”.
Your intuition comes as a subtle inner knowing of exactly what to do and when to do it, with no attached agenda, period.

3) How do you feel?

Is it intuition or instinct that is driving you? Intuition is felt as a subtle emotional response, whereas your instinct will be felt as a strong physical one. Your instinctive response will release stress hormones based on a potential threatening person, place or event.
Your intuition will give you a sense of peace, calm and surety that you are on the right track and you know exactly what to do.

4) Knowing or thinking?

A great way to gage your intuition in any situation is to check to see what was your primary inner knowing, BEFORE your first thought? Our minds make up all kinds of stories and try to collect evidence from people or events to bolster up long held beliefs, judgments and attitudes. This then overrides our initial accurate impressions.
We have also then become emotionally attached to the outcomes of the situation and choices, which add and even higher level of difficulty, when trying to hear your inner voice, over your mind’s strong opinions.

5) Self-understanding

This one takes time, in fact, a lifetime. If you really want to be able to turn on and off the tap of your intuition when you choose and with stunning accuracy, then you must know who you are and what makes you tick. How are you going to discern your intuitive guidance when you don’t know that you are being influenced by a myriad of experiences, past and present all the time, and that the choices you make can be based on your own beliefs, judgments and self-sabotage? Are your choices based upon “not getting it wrong” or “wanting to get it right”? All this will lead you away from that inner knowing, your intuitive intelligence and toward a place of stress, anxiety and worry.

The last tip I will give you and perhaps, the most important of all, is to be gentle with yourself. Stop tying yourself in knots, wanting to always be in control. Loosen your grip and learn to trust yourself, and then you will start to see the flow of your intuitive intelligence come back into your life.

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