Accelerated Diploma of Intuitive Dynamix

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Accelerated Diploma of Intuitive Dynamix | Accredited Training

Renovate your Reality


Become Accredited in 12 Weeks*

The Diploma of Intuitive Dynamix® is an accredited training, recognized in five countries. The training is aimed at providing students with a holistic and comprehensive approach to accessing, deepening and actioning their intuitive abilities, to utilize within Intuitive Dynamix® Coaching sessions. This is done through a 12 Module course, each module focusing on a different aspect of Intuition, professionalism, business development, and self-development.

This training is unique as it is aimed at each student realizing their own specialty and ability, through the unique processes and technology that is taught. The students will graduate with a professional level standing, able to deliver a professional Intuitive Dynamix® Coaching session with clients.  This training is suitable for beginners or for those already within a professional business.

Enrollments can be taken anytime of the year, from anywhere in the world.

The content:

  • Learn how to facilitate professional client sessions, including Intuitive Life Path Readings and Intuitive Dynamix Life Coaching Sessions, step by step
  • Learn how to create and grow a conscious business
  • Learn how to create and maintain boundaries, both personal and spiritual
  • Learn about the Universal Structure and the life forms within it
  • Learn and master non-physical and non-verbal communication
  • Develop telepathy
  • Advance your clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience, in alignment with your natural skills
  • Discover if you are a Highly Sensitive Person and how to use this information as an advantage
  • Discover your life’s purpose
  • Build better relationships
  • Develop and hone your intuition
  • Become grounded, everyday
  • Discover what you are capable of achieving
  • Build the life of your dreams
  • Access the healing of meditation
  • Understand yourself, what drives you and what limits you
  • Discover your innate spiritual strength
  • Release old pain and limitation, healing down your ancestral line
  • Reveal other lifetimes and their wisdom
  • Increase your health and well-being
  • Become financially abundant
  • Understand the the reality and culture in which you live, able to see the truth
  • Live a life of purpose

And much, much more…

The delivery:

  • One Module is accessed each week through a webinar, facilitated by Heidi Jane, and the on-line student portal.
  • Each Module may include written content, audios and videos to add to the student’s experience and depth of knowledge.
  • You will be invited to join the private Facebook group where you can share your experiences, epiphanies and struggles with other current Diploma students and graduates.

Heidi occasionally offers one day workshops in various cities for current students to develop and master their knowledge more deeply.

The result:

  • Upon graduation you can become a Professional Member of the IICT, which will allow you to practice Intuitive Dynamix® Coaching or Reading sessions in Australia, the U.K., Canada, New Zealand and the U.S.A..
  • You may be invited to join the Professional Intuitive Network through Heidi Jane’s website, promoting your business.
  • You may be invited to participate in advanced training, not available to non-graduates.
  • You may be invited to become a coach and trainer for the IIAI.

Who this training IS for:

  • People who are ready to take responsibility for their lives
  • People who are ready to step away from any hidden control mechanisms, both of their own making and in the culture in which they live.
  • People who can see the value in becoming sovereign and independent, energetically and spiritually
  • People who are ready to experience themselves as sovereign beings
  • People who are confused and frustrated at the lies that are told by the New Age belief systems
  • People who are ready to unlock their full potential
  • People who are ready and willing to heal
  • People who are ready to assist others through their own experiences, knowledge and empowerment
  • People who feel passionate about facilitating transformation for themselves and others
  • People who are willing to be connected to their heart based intelligence
  • People who are ready to develop their intuition to an expert level
  • People who relate to themselves as Highly Sensitive or Empaths
  • People who know they are here to do something big, but need some help to actualize this
  • People who are ready to step out of poverty consciousness and create abundance
  • People who are ready to heal their attitudes of victimization and become empowered
  • People who work well within a structured learning environment
  • People who are independent learners


Who this training is NOT for:

  • People who are not willing to take responsibility for themselves
  • People who want to blame others
  • People who collect evidence as to why their lives aren’t working the way they want
  • People who are afraid of doing their shadow work
  • People who are addicted to love and light
  • People who are not willing to do their course work to a high standard
  • People who want others to make their lives better for them
  • People who do not have the financial resources to comfortably pay the fees
  • People who are looking for a guru
  • People who want to work with angels, guides or ascended masters
  • People who take mind altering substances as a way to reach enlightenment or to spiritually evolve (including Ayauascha)
  • People who are not in alignment with their inner truth
  • People who are not willing to commit to and put in the time and effort, for their own learning and development
  • People who do not have access to, or a fair understanding of, computers and technology (assistance will be provided)


If you are one of the people described above that this training IS suitable for, then please fill out the obligation free Expression of Interest form and Heidi will personally contact you within 7 days to discuss your involvement and whether this training is right for you.


*All content will be delivered to the student over a 12 week period but the student has 18 months from commencement to complete all course work and receive accreditation.

For more information please contact IIAI [email protected]

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