Auric Clearing Master Healers Training | Certification

Auric Clearing Master Healers Training | Certification

Become A Certified Healer And Live An Abundant Life!

Have you always wanted to heal others (and yourself) from your past trauma?
Have you tried many other modalities that didn’t give you long term results?
Are you a business owner/coach/teacher/leader and want to access your higher wisdom, by tapping into your own quantum potential of creation?

Do you already have healing qualifications, but want to know about that missing piece?

Do you want to help clear the planet from discordant trauma and negative thought forms?

Do you want to become a Certified Auric Clearing Master Healer, able to clear people from anywhere in the world?

The Auric Clearing Master Healers Training will get you the certification and show you how to make a great living doing it! 

The Content

Heidi Jane, a Licensed Auric Clearing Master Healer Teacher (currently the first in Australia) has worked in the healing field for over 20 years, and delivers each and every webinar or training session, with bonus material, providing you with a framework to have a very successful business, and very powerful life skills.

Heidi has been teaching healing for over 15 years and this is, by far, the most effective, permanent methodology she has come across, which she proudly puts her brand and reputation behind.

Auric Clearing is one of the easiest methodologies to learn and implement, whilst promoting safe practices that do not leave you, or the client open to interference or negative attachments.

Most healers (people) are locked in poverty consciousness, have compassionate cording to their clients, and are sick and tired of always being so sick and tired, and struggling to make ends meet.

The Auric Clearing Session, which you will receive, and also learn to practice, is a great addition to any session you may already offer, like coaching or counseling, seminar leadership, and can be used in a business setting too, or just on it’s own.
You can actually use the technique to clear a room full of participants at your seminars or workshops, to release any traumatic blocks that would prevent them from being successful in their chosen field.
There is no limit to the number of people you can clear at once, from anywhere in the world, which allows you to attain abundance and clear the planet at the same time, and we can all agree this is exactly what is needed right now!
The Delivery
  • The training will be run over five webinars, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
  • Each webinar will run for approximately two hours and there will be a bonus session at the completion of the training for any questions you may have.
  • You will be added to the secret Facebook group for students, where you can ask anything you like during the process, and where all session recordings will be posted (so it doesn’t matter if you miss one).
  • You will receive certification upon completion and able to start flourishing in your business, straight away!
  • One of the modules Heidi has designed, is to help you get the business strategy in place, that suits your goals, and to create the money flow for you.
  • You receive all training materials, manuals and templates, and step-by-step instructions.
  • As an add on, Heidi also teaches you how to clear yourself, moving forward, so you can identify and clear any blocks that keep you from you true potential, in any area of your life.
  • Heidi also teaches you how to clear animals too. 
 What You Will Learn
  • How to run a face to face, Skype, or phone session for one person, or more.
  • How to run a webinar to clear an unlimited number of people at once.
  • Marketing strategies, and conscious business ideas, that will have you earning money as soon as you are certified=a fast R.O.I.!
  • Step by step instructions on how to run a complete Auric Clearing.
  • Deep understanding of relevant clearing terminology, and advanced healing concepts.
  • Knowledge of the Energetic Human Anatomy.
  • Knowledge of the Energetic Animal Anatomy.
  • Knowledge of the 15 Densities Of Reality In The Harmonic Universe.
  • Understand how to access Quantum Potential, to clear or manifest.
  • Learn how to communicate directly with your Higher Self.
  • Learn how to read energy signatures.
  • Learn, and activate the Command Codes, that are currently laying dormant in your Auric Field.
  • Learn how to remove discarnates (dis-carnated souls), attachments, wormholes, portals, and all unintended creations in the Auric Field.
  • Restore the optimum functioning of your DNA Template.
  • Restore the optimum functioning of your four major brain centers.
  • Learn how to direct a download  from the client’s Higher Self, enabling them to embody more of their true potential.
There is so much more to the training, that’s hard to explain in words, but suffice to say, it will change your life, without question, and there is NO prior healing experience or training necessary!
This is what one of the students from the last training group posted in the FB group, in welcoming the new students…
         “To do this training was one of the most empowering decisions I have made in my life. An amazing opportunity to create a difference not only in my own life but also to give the gift of empowerment to many people to change their lives. Heidi is an amazing teacher, so welcome to all the new students!”

You will learn how to use the techniques of Quantum Mechanics to clear a person’s or animal’s Auric/Energy Field from blocks, limiting identities and attachments, including any inter-dimensional interference.

This is all done without any New Age Guides, Angels, or initiations, but simply through your own connection to your Higher Self and tools you already have that are laying dormant. 

You will understand how you can learn safe and powerful techniques to clear yourself and others, as a professional practitioner, and receive a professional certification.

This training is not to be missed if you are ready to change the world!

The time is now!

We would love to have you involved if you are open to learning and are willing to take action, and really play a big game for yourself!
Take Action NOW to Secure Your Place For The Next Training
Starting on:
Module One:  July 22nd 10-12pm AEST
Module Two:  July 29th 10-12pmAEST
Module Three:  August 5th 10-12pm AEST
Module Four:  August 12th 10-12pm AEST
Module Five:  August 19th 10-12pm AEST
Feel free to watch this webinar Heidi presented explaining the formation of blocks and how the technique of Auric Clearing removes them.
All information in the webinar is correct except the starting dates, which can be seen above.
 If you have any questions don’t hesitate to let us know.
Call +61(0)403 208 885

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