Empaths Self Mastery Program

Empaths Self Mastery Program

Strengthen Your Sensitivities

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Empaths Self-Mastery

As an Empath, or highly sensitive person, you may find that you are easily overwhelmed, confused, unwell, depressed, anxious, over-sensitive and without a clear direction in life.

You suffer with your high sensitivity every, single day. It can be confusing, overwhelming, isolating, and creates over-sensitive induced anxiety.

You believe that there is something wrong, that needs to be fixed.

You dream of living a life of connection, and deep love, freedom, success and peace.

The Empath Self Mastery Program will help you to:

  • Recognize how you absorb other people’s pain, thoughts and emotions, and learn how to easily “Let it Go”, in three easy steps.
  • You have trouble saying “No” and feel like others take advantage of you, but you will learn how simple it is to create a solid, stable boundary with the “Torus Field”.
  • Finally understand what your sensitive body is trying to tell you, and “Use Your Body as a Compass” taking advantage of your sensitivities, so you can always make the right choices!
  • You may struggle with relationships, and your personal boundaries.
  • You may feel like you are here to do “something big” but are unsure of what that is, let alone how to create an action and strategy plan, to get you what you want.
  • Perhaps you struggle with a lack of abundance, or health issues that cant be explained.

Within the 3 Module course, accessed on-line through the IIAI’s student’s gateway, you will learn about who you are, what makes you tick, and how to achieve health and well-being.

Think about the cost to you so far, and how you presently may not have the skills or understanding to change your experience of life.

Heidi has the expertise and knowledge to get you to a place of health, abundance and happiness…guaranteed.


Because Heidi is an Empath too, and after many years of testing and teaching these concepts and strategies on herself and others, she knows what works and what doesn’t work!

The Modules covered include these topics:

1. Physical Health & Well-Being-6 Lessons

  • Introduction
  • Body Connection
  • Body Acceptance
  • Body Communication
  • The Environment
  • Fueling Your Body

2. Emotional Health & Well-Being-5 Lessons

  • Introduction
  • Emotional Intuition
  • Emotional Boundaries
  • Relationships & Emotional Addictions
  • Living A Psycho-Free Life

3. Mental Health & Well-Being-6 Lessons

  • Introduction
  • Thoughts & The Nature Of  Thinking
  • Inner-Survivors, Identities & Personas
  • Empaths & Depression, Anxiety & Overwhelm
  • Acceptance Of Your True Potential
  • The Path Forward

The Delivery

Accessed on-line through the IIAI’s student’s gateway. You may move through at your own pace.

  • Watch a recorded Video for each lesson, with over 20 hours of content to enjoy.
  • Receive an audio file for each lesson, so you can listen to the content whilst on the go.
  • Receive comprehensive WorkBooks for each Module. These include self-reflection exercises to deepen your knowledge and experience.
  • After each lesson, there are multiple choice quizzes, to lock in what you have just learned. You may take these as many times as you like.
  • Receive guided visualizations, specific to Empaths and H.S.P.
  • Be invited to join the private Facebook group to speak with other students
  • Receive an E Book copy of Heidi’s books, including the #1 Best Seller “Are You an Evolutionary Advantage? 3 Keys to Unlock and Empaths TRUE Potential, Passion and Purpose”, Intuition On Tap, and the Intuition on Tap Workbook
  • Receive all four of the Heart Series Guided Meditations

This course is the prerequisite for the more advanced program Empath Wellness Training (Diploma)

  • Upon completion gain Advanced Standing for The Empath Wellness Training, where you will learn advanced techniques, content and transformation processes, including:
  1. Your Soul’s Purpose as an Empath
  2. Your Primary Soul Energy and how to work with it
  3. Your Life’s Journey as an Empath
  4. Your Soul’s Origin as an Empath
  5. Your Soul Groups
  6. Your Karmic Contracts as an Empath
  7. How to Support other HSP and Empaths

…and much, much more.


Please fill out the contact form and we will call you to discuss your enrollment.

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