My Body Is Perfect | Body Ascension for Empaths and H.S.P.

My Body Is Perfect | Body Ascension for Empaths and H.S.P.

Conscious Body Ascension and Transformation for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People

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Are you a Highly Sensitive Person that struggles to understand and accept your body?

Have you struggled with your weight over the years?

Are you sick and tired of the dieting merry-go-round?

Do you want to feel great about your body?

Do you have difficulty choosing the best foods for your body and spending time nourishing yourself?

Do you engage in negative self talk or compare yourself to others?

Do you often feel overwhelmed by emotions and negative thoughts about how you look?

Do you struggle to stay at a healthy weight, with a tendency to reach for foods that make you feel good in the moment?

Do you inexplicably put on weight when you are stressed or depressed?

Do you struggle to understand your anatomy and physiology as a Highly Sensitive Person?

Does your body reflect what is happening in the global environment?

Are you ready to shed the trauma and suffering locked in your cells?

Are you ready for the next level of your physical evolution as an Empath or H.S.P.?

If you have answered YES! then there is no question that this is the course for you!


Here are what past students have said about the My Body is Perfect Course:

What did you find to be the most beneficial aspect of this course for you?

“Through this course I have finally met the truth of my childhood abuse and how this was driving me and causing so many obstacles in my life. The relief was huge and I am continuing the process. The course went beyond my expectations. I did not expect to experience such a life changing moment or moments. It certainly has been very truthful. I found this course so powerful and I believe helpful to anyone experiencing any self-image problems. Your reassuring words and knowledge have helped me. Thank you for holding a space where I felt safe to share my painful memories.”

“The way that Heidi can relate her own stories of her journey with the students is what helps the process for me the most. There is nothing worse than having someone in front of you just reciting what has to be said with no emotional involvement or any knowledge of how the experiences are for the group.”

“What I found to be most beneficial was…All of it! The concepts, homework, cellular CD. The fact that things shift automatically through the course is awesome. It almost directs you through the course.”

“Working on believing in and loving myself. Honouring myself enough to give myself love, time and permission to give to myself daily. And knowing that it is a gift to everyone around me to give to myself and see my real beauty.”

“Having to share feelings is difficult for me to do and it terrifies me, but being more open with my feelings and me as myself was definitely a beneficial experience. Also it has helped me look at my past and my life and situations and feelings that I have pushed so far down that they were just sitting there forgotten and festering.”

“Allowing myself to acknowledge how many negative thoughts I allow myself to listen to. Listening to others and realising other people are thinking and feeling what I am going through.”

“The freedom I received around food. Letting go of any attachments around food…and losing 5 kgs!”

What was the most challenging aspect of the course for you?

“Believing that I can see myself as enough, exactly as I am. That I don’t need to be super skinny to feel beautiful. That by loving myself, other people will then start to see that beauty. Confidence and being proud of who I am.”

“To honour and remind myself of how wonderful I am. To not fall back into old negative beliefs.”

Did the course meet your expectations?

It more than met my expectations. I didn’t realise how much it was going to change the beliefs I hold about myself, or how deep those beliefs were. The ability to see the conditioning that I have held onto and being able to see the truth at what is my reality and that I get to choose my reality. It went so much deeper than weight loss.”

“My expectations were taken far beyond, to the point of self value, friendships, love and trust.”


Let’s Get Started!

Now this experience is available to you from the comfort of your own home and you can get started straight away!

Heidi has developed a Five Module online course, that can be completed in your own home and at your own pace, to help Highly Sensitive People (H.S.P.) and Empaths take control of their health and well-being, including achieving potential weight loss.

As an Empath herself, Heidi has developed this cutting edge informative and transformational course after understanding how hard it is for Empaths to accept, love, understand, and rejoice in their bodies.

Most Highly Sensitive People carry wounding (as excess weight) in their bodies, from their past experiences, their personal trauma, and the global trauma. This impacts their physical health, emotional well-being, and ability to grow spiritually.

They also try to be like everyone else, which often leaves them feeling confused, frustrated and depressed.

Whether you think you are ‘overweight’ or are simply not happy with the way you feel about yourself as a Highly Sensitive Person, then this course is for you. Throughout the course Heidi will help you to explore your beliefs about your body, your beliefs around food, and you will be given practical tools to help transform any negative self talk, and limiting beliefs regarding your body and its innate beauty and power.

Heidi will also explore with you, how energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual congestion can affect your weight and ways to help with this.

Guided visualisations and deep healing processes are just some of the techniques Heidi will guide you through during course content.

Using your connection to, and the support of your higher self and innate wisdom, you will be shown exactly what your body needs, to manifest health and well-being.

You will be asked to complete journals and there is homework as part of this course, including listening to a short guided visualisation every day.

If you feel you are worth the benefits and results of this course, and are willing to be honest with yourself then you will see amazing results!

This is particularly helpful to Empaths and Highly Sensitive People who feel the challenging and discordant energies that are on the planet today, and now they are directly limiting their ability to grow and evolve.

The My Body is Perfect Course is suitable for anyone at any stage of development, fitness and health.

The delivery:

  • The course will be accessed through the students portal on the Institute of Advanced Intuition’s website after enrollment is complete.
  • Each Module includes written content and at least one audio to help you understand the concepts more clearly.
  • There will be additional videos and access to Heidi’s Video Blog, Empath In The City, where she discusses her own journey towards Body Ascension, as a form of support and to deepen your learning.
  • You will be invited to join the private Facebook group My Body Is Perfect, to discuss your progress and get tips and added support from Heidi and other members.
  • There is well over 30 hours of content.


  • There is a monthly Webinar Q&A Session for all students. (valued at $400 a month included in the price)
  • You will receive all four of The Heart Series Guided Visualizations valued at $100.
  • You can revisit the content as many times as you like.
  • There are exercises and processes for you to do, to gain breakthroughs with your self-esteem and your body.
  • There will be bonus videos from Heidi to encourage you.
  • Every Module will also be available as an audio file, so you can listen to the content when you’re driving, doing the housework or walking the dog!

Its difficult to put into words the entire raft of benefits, but here are a few points:

  • A deeper understanding of who you are as a Highly Sensitive Person and Empath.
  • Joining an understanding and compassionate community.
  • Receive cutting edge processes and information that will change your life and is not offered anywhere else.
  • Potential weight loss if you follow each exercise.
  • Acceptance that you are made differently and how to use this to your advantage!
  • Being proactive in your own evolutionary process and transformation.
  • How to start thriving and create a deep and loving relationship with your body.
  • Understanding how you can change what isn’t working for you, in terms of your health and well-being.

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The Empath Self Mastery and the Boot Camp for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People, are complementary courses that you may also like to add onto your growth and experience as a Highly Sensitive Person.


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