The Intuition Method | Personal Development

The Intuition Method | Personal Development

The Intuition Method | Personal Development


















If you are looking to develop yourself mentally, emotionally and physically to extend and master your intuitive intelligence and skills then this is the course for you.

Perhaps you simply want to understand yourself on a deeper level, without wanting to build a business or work with clients.

This course is designed to give you the personal edge, teaching you how to hone and use your intuitive intelligence in any are of your life including health and well-being, relationships, and abundance.

You will be able to take what you’ve learned to transform yourself and your life in a relevant and practical, results driven way.

Guaranteed, you will not be taught any “new age” concepts, just straightforward, relevant and practical ways in which to grow and expand your conscious awareness of the world you live in.

This course is suitable for all levels of students and can be used as a pathway into the Diploma of Intuitive Dynamics, giving you advanced standing.

This course is also excellent for Empaths and Highly Sensitive people wanting to understand their experience of the world more deeply.


The Content:


  • Learn how to create and maintain boundaries, both personal and spiritual
  • Learn about the Universal Structure and the life forms within it
  • Learn and master non-physical and non-verbal communication
  • Develop telepathy
  • Discover if you are a Highly Sensitive Person and how to use this information as an advantage
  • Discover your life’s purpose
  • Build better relationships
  • Develop and hone your intuition
  • Become grounded, everyday
  • Discover what you are capable of achieving
  • Build the life of your dreams
  • Access the healing of meditation
  • Understand yourself, what drives you and what limits you
  • Discover your innate spiritual strength
  • Release old pain and limitation, healing your ancestral line
  • Reveal other lifetimes and their wisdom
  • Increase your health and well-being
  • Become financially abundant
  • Live a life of purpose


The Delivery:

The course is delivered via the following option:

  • The Content Delivery over 12 weeks via Webinars delivered by Heidi on Gotowebinars.
  • The student will have one Webinar every two weeks to attend.
  • The student will have access to the student portal over a 12 month period to complete the content and exercises.
  • It will take between 5-10 hours of study per module, including meditating and completing the set exercises and processes.
  • This option has a class/group setting and has set start dates throughout the year.

You will be invited to join the Secret Facebook group where you can extend your learning and experiences, by talking with Heidi and the other students and graduates.

There are audios, meditations and videos to help support your learning.

You may be invited to attend relevant workshops in various locations at an extra cost.


The Result:

Upon completion you may like to continue on with The Diploma of Intuitive Dynamix where you will learn more advanced techniques and information and how to facilitate professional intuitive sessions and build a conscious business.


Please fill in the obligation free Expression of Interest Form to get started

Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions.

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