The Intuitive Entrepreneur | Business for Conscious People

The Intuitive Entrepreneur | Business for Conscious People

Life and Business Strategies for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People

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This course has been designed to maximize business and intuition for Highly Sensitive People (HSP), no matter what type of business you are involved with!

This is achieved by specialising the content to fit the needs of the HSP, working in alignment with an entrepreneur’s unique skills and abilities.

Imagine being able to make clear, strong and congruent choices for yourself and your business, knowing exactly what to do next and how to do it. As an Empath you probably have difficulty making choices that you are happy with.

Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious or that your life and business has become a little dull and repetitive?

Maybe you simply want to get the winning edge, in a conscious and ethical way?

You may also lack a work-life balance, leaving your health, spirituality, relationships and well being until everything else is done?

As an Intuitive Entrepreneur, a conscious business person, a spirited, courageous and creative individual, you understand that if you are suffering, so is your bottom line.

We guarantee that working longer hours and cramming more and more in, is not the answer! The answer is within you, and we can help you access it!

Let us rock your world so you can rock the world around you!

Let us train you to be able to recognize, listen to, and then follow your specialised intuitive intelligence as an Empath, to benefit your life and your business.

We guarantee results!

Within this 12 Module course, delivered over 12 months, you will learn Life and Business Strategies for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People that will take your business to the next level of success.

This will happen through profound and purposeful directed education of who you are, how you are made, what makes you tick, and how to maximise your potential in business and in life.

You will truly understand that the rules that apply to others do not apply to you, and you will understand this as your hidden super-power, not a curse!

If you are looking to escape from the corporate world, and start a business, then this course will be highly beneficial for you too.

Think about the cost to you so far and how you may not presently have the skills or ability to create real change in your life and your business.

Heidi Jane, a passionate Empath Wellness Advocate, and Principal and Founder of the IIAI, has the expertise and knowledge to get you to as an HSP to a place of health, wealth and fulfillment, and is looking forward to making you an expert in your chosen field!

The Modules covered will includes topics like

  1. Communication
  2. Health and wellbeing
  3. Creating a work/life balance
  4. Your intuitive skill set as a Highly Sensitive Person
  5. Internal influences-good and bad
  6. Discovering your evolutionary advantage
  7. Fears and limitations as an Empath
  8. Wealth creation
  9. Active Visualization
  10. Specializing your skill set
  11. Conscious business practices for HSP
  12. Life’s purpose
  13. Building healthy relationships
  14. Your unique brand as an HSP
  15. Your message and how to get it heard
  16. Working together with other HSP
  17. Building a support system
  18. Understanding your unique way of processing information
  19. Understanding your place in this world
  20. Intuitive Sales Practice
  21. Intuitive Marketing Practice

And so much more…

Here is what is included in the program, designed to get you on your way to excellence:

  • You can start the course whenever you choose, coming into that month’s content. You will cover all of the content within the 12 month period
  • Receive the written module content each month in an online setting, able to access at your own leisure
  • Receive an training audio/meditation from Heidi each month
  • Attend an online group teaching webinar each month
  • Attend an online group coaching webinar each month
  • Have access to the private students forum
  • Be invited to join the private Facebook group to speak with other students to share information and experience
  • Receive a copy of Heidi’s books Intuition On Tap and the Intuition on Tap Workbook
  • Receive all four of the Heart Series Guided Meditations

Get started today!

Fill in the Expression of Interest form and begin your journey to powerful success!

As an additional option: For students who would also like to have personalized coaching on top of the already robust training program, there is an option to work with Heidi in 12 x monthly Skype mentoring sessions to receive transformation,  breakthroughs and strategies regarding your life and business as an HSP. These spaces are strictly limited, incur an additional fee and require an application process.