Super Natural Healing Summit

Super Natural Healing Summit

Have you ever wondered about the nature of true healing? Why we seek it out, how it finds us, and why we need it? I’m so excited to share with you that my friend and colleague, Karyn Kulenovic has organized a telesummit on this very topic.


I invite you to join me and 22 other experts at the Super Natural Healing Summit: How to Create Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Health and Lead Your Thriving Joyful Life! I have a complimentary pass for you:


We’ll be sharing up close and personal conversations about the role of the spirit in healing, as well as how true healing often defies the odds of conventional medical standards. These stories are both practical and miraculous, shared by healers from all walks of life, who have both experienced and witnessed these transformations first hand.


Discover new ways to heal emotional blocks, boost your energy, and make total wellness your top priority. I’m really excited to share this event with all of you! Don’t miss out on these FREE interviews! Get access by heading over to


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