The earth is flat!

The earth is flat!

5 things you need to know about spirituality and intuition

The New Age Cage

I have written two books on Intuition. When you read these books you quickly discover that they are not your average new age book, on spirit guides and psychic gifts, ascended masters or working with angels.  I do not relate to any of those concepts in the way they have been presented throughout the spiritual and new age industries for many years now. Whenever I scroll through what is being presented on stage, or at shows, or the subject of the latest new age book or deck of cards coming out, its often the same old, same old and it leaves me feeling frustrated and sometime nauseous!

Do you think, that as we evolve as human beings, perhaps the concepts we are able to accept and relate to may have also changed in the last 100, 50 or 20 years? When you think about it, it kind of makes sense. So then why do some people seem to regurgitate the same concepts over and over? Are they getting results or just making cash?

Personal power

You may even know that I see and experience the world and Spirit very differently than most in the spiritual and new age industry and in fact I feel that a main part of the reason I am here on the planet at this time, is to stand up and start a new dialogue. To invite people to question what they have been previously told and to educate people to STOP GIVING AWAY PERSONAL POWER, in the name of enlightenment and so-called psychic information.

I have always been a curious woman, passionate about learning, experiencing and making choices that ultimately felt right to me, rather than doing the same thing, everyone else was doing. (I was that child that always had her hand up in class, asking the teacher more and more questions, surrounded by a mass of eye rolling, exasperated students.) I wanted to know what was beneath this or under that. I was never content with the response, ”Because that’s just the way it is.”

I do admit that when I started exploring my spirituality and my intuitive skills, that I also became enmeshed in the same new-ageism’s that are now everywhere. I wanted to fit in and be a part of the group, but I quickly understood that what I felt, saw and experienced didn’t fit into the new age paradigm of “love and light”.

What is this whole love and light thingy anyway?

Yes of course, I experienced positive experiences and plenty of love, but not in the way that others had told me I should. I experienced love through my own connection to my higher self, not to anything else, outside of me that positioned itself as higher, better or more evolved. In fact, I could clearly see that there was a false façade thinly covering what I saw as the truth and as reality. I didn’t really resonate with working with spirit guides or so-called ascended masters or angels, in the way they are portrayed, even though I knew a great deal about them. This often left me feeling very confused and wrong and what I would often do is discard my thoughts and experiences, pushing them to the back of my mind, as I so desired to be a part of what I thought was a dynamic, embracing, loving, and enlightened community.

Honesty is definitely the best policy

If I were truly honest with myself however, I would have asked these questions…

  • If this is my experience why is it wrong?
  • If the way that I have been taught doesn’t make sense to me or feel right, then why do I give it power and credibility?
  • If I know that on the deepest level of myself I feel disempowered, small and less than, when I ask angels, masters or guides, for help, why do I do it?

Eventually, I did ask myself those questions and I didn’t like the answers I found. What I discovered was a very dark side to both some spiritual people and supposed spiritual energies that were pretending to be something they were not. Unfortunately both the false spiritual people and false spiritual energies energetically kicked my butt when I began to question what I had previously been told! (Have I mentioned I tend to learn my lessons the hard way?) You see, I had given them permission to feed from my power and my life force for many years and now all of a sudden I was cutting off their daily meal! I had been complicit with their deceit, mistruths and manipulations by allowing them to disempower me. I decided to close down their drive-thru, take away, fast food restaurant for good. I will admit, this did initially cause me to feel guilty and ashamed. I asked myself, “who am I to question and deny them?” and then I found the real truth in my answer

“Who am I not to?”

I see myself, as a person that has broken through the invisible walls and the glass ceiling that has been created by those that perceive themselves to be “enlightened”, “evolved” or “spiritual”. I have done this for myself and also on behalf of others. When I found myself on the other side of these projections, I discovered a completely new and holistic way of doing what I do, and that the whole “love and light” paradigm was a load of, well….fear and shadow! And that it is used to disempower and shame people! I started to understand that I wasn’t the only one who felt this way! And you know what else I discovered? An enormous amount of relief! It was like letting out a huge breath after holding it in for many years! Finally, I could see that there was nothing wrong with me and that I was capable of loving and accepting all of the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful me!

In my experience if a person tells you that you MUST call in something from outside of yourself to protect you or to help you (including and especially, the fabled “White Light”) or that you MUST follow their dogma or belief system, then there is no true room or possibility for you as a student to self-evolve. If you look closely, you can see they have simply become a carbon copy, regurgitating the same concepts, teachings and limiting paradigms in which they have been schooled. Saying to yourself, “But everyone else is doing it this way!” is simply NOT good enough. Give yourself much more credit than that! If you knew what I now know, about how powerful, beautiful, amazing and divine you truly are, then you would never again call in anything, bow down before, or give your power away to anyone, or anything else, ever!

Very simply, you would know that it is totally unnecessary and disempowering to live your life always seeking answers outside of yourself and denying the whole of you.

Ask yourself:

  • What are my results?
  • Do I feel empowered and in control of my life as the creator of my reality?
  • How has what I have been doing previously, worked for my life and me?
  • Do I feel empowered and capable of making decisions for myself?
  • Do I accept all aspects of me, including my shadow and my divinity?
  • Do I feel less than others?
  • Do I know who I am?

If you don’t really like the answers you get, then I invite you to take a chance and try something different, perhaps starting with being very honest with yourself about how you have willingly given your spiritual and personal power away to others. I understand this questioning may not make some people happy and you may get push back from others around you. In my experience that is par for the course.

Is it really flat, or just an illusion?

Remember that once many people believed the world was flat and that you would fall off the edge if you travelled too far. Again, just because everyone else believes it, doesn’t mean its true!

At this time in our evolution, I know that many people are waking up from the dream they have been in, and at a fast rate! This can feel lonely and disorientating if you have no-one else that understands what you are going through. Don’t despair! You know that you are exactly where you need to be in this moment and in alignment with the choices you have made. Trust yourself to know what to do, seek the answers within you, first and foremost. Rest in the deep well of your own heart, the place where you, your soul and your spirit become one. From there you can access ultimate wisdom, which is your birthright.

“Remember, you are your own god, goddess, angel, and guide, all rolled into one beautiful, heart-centered human package. You are your own higher self and your own teacher. You are your own star, galaxy, and universe. The moment you know this to be true is the moment you know—truly know—who you are and what you are capable of.”—Heidi Jane, Intuition On Tap

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